Snakebite treatment centre treats 1,407 cases in one year

ITAHARI: The community snakebite treatment centre operated from the premises of the Nepal Army's east region headquarters in Itahari treated 1,407 cases last year of the Nepali calendar.

Among these treated cases, 125 were cases of poisonous snake bites. These cases were brought for treatment from various Tarai and hilly districts of the eastern region.

Padam Bahadur Rai, who is involved in the treatment of snake bites at the centre, said that eight to 15 cases on an average come to the centre daily during the summer and rainy seasons.

According to him, 551 people were given anti snake venom serum in the first week of the last three months of the current year. Among them, 298 were women and 256 men. 45 of these cases were cases of poisonous snake bite.