Snakebite treatment relieves patients

Siraha, July 29

The operation of Jayakali Snakebite Treatment Centre at Shree Naya Gorakh Gan, located at Choharwa, has relieved many snakebite patients in Siraha.

The treatment centre is operating with technical assistance from the Nepali Army and is managed by Jayakali Snakebite Treatment Centre Committee.

According to Dr Bidhya Karki at the centre, district hospital and other hospitals have been referring patients to the centre due to reliable treatment there. The centre has been providing effective treatment to snakebite patients. “However, in highly complicated cases, they are referred to BPKoirala Institute of Health Sciences for want of ICU at the centre,” Karki added. As many as 165 snake bite patients were admitted at the centre from April 14, to July 30, 2017.

Of them, two patients were referred to BPKIHS. “All the remaining patients were treated at the centre,” Dr Karki stated. Data at the centre shows that 165 snakebite patients had visited from April 14 to July 25, 2018. Of them, 14 were bitten by poisonous snakes while 151 were bitten by non-poisonous snakes. Likewise, a total of 354 snakebite patients were treated at the centre during the last year. Out of the total, 38 were bitten by venomous snakes while 316 were bitten by non-venomous snakes.

Health workers say snake bite patients from distant places visit the centre due to effective and prompt treatment.