Snowfall affects life in Far-west, Karnali provinces

Bajura, January 22

Life has been adversely affected in the Far-west and Karnali provinces due to heavy snowfall.

Bajura, Bajhang, Darchula, Baitadi and Accham of the Far-west and Humla, Jumla and Mugu districts of Karnali provinces have been receiving heavy snowfall since yesterday.

Highlands in Himali Rural Municipality, Budhinanda Municipality, Chhededaha Rural Municipality, Swamikartik Rural Municipality and Pandubagafu Rural Municipality continue to receive snowfall in Bajura.

Heavy snowfall in Porakhe Lekh disrupted vehicular movement in the northern part. Biting cold coupled with snowfall has forced locals to stay indoors. Likewise, it is snowing in the highlands of Kanda, Dolichaur, Surama and Gadara of Bajhang.  Snowfall at Dolpu, Kirami, Polu and Mugu has affected life very hard in Mugu.

Snowfall has obstructed transport service along the Jaya Prithvi Highway in Baitadi.

Api, Rapla, Ghusa, Khandeswori, Byash, Tinkar are receiving snowfall in Darchula. Snowfall has obstructed vehicular movement at Sahukharka and Hagulte, among other places, along the Bhimdatta Highway in Dadeldhura.

Snowfall has halted regular flights to and from Neplagunj to Bajura, Humla, Jumla, Dolpa, and Mugu. “Around 40 flights from Nepalgunj were cancelled today morning,” said Civil Aviation Authority Nepalgunj.