Snowfall stalls life in upper Manang

LAMJUNG: A heavy snowfall in upper Manang since Friday night has stalled life in the region.

The seven VDCs of the region including Nar and Phu have been the worst hit.

Locals reported that the snow frozen on the ground was as thick as three feet.

A hotelier in the district headquarters Chame, Binod Gurung, said there was a-foot thick snow on the premises of his hotel.

Manang Chief District Officer Bhimkanta Sharma said the administrative activities were not affected by the recent snowfall as all government offices and schools were already closed for the winter vacation.

However, as the temperature plummeted to -60 C, senior citizens and children were living a hard time, he added.

On Saturday, people of the region were seen spending time by making fires and sitting around them to keep themselves warm.