Social media moonstruck as supermoon graces Nepal skies

KATHMANDU: Social media appeared to be moon-struck on Monday evening, as a perigee full moon, also called supermoon, came out in the eastern skies, including in Nepal's capital Kathmandu.

At 7:37 pm Nepal Standard Time, the moon would come to the closest point to the earth after 68 years, appearing bigger and brighter owing to its proximity.

The supermoon is said to be 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than an apogee full moon, which occurs when the moon reaches the most distant point while revolving around the earth in its elliptical orbit.

Earth will witness another supermoon, which will be even closer, on November 25, 2035.

The super moon rises over the upper portion Bauddha Stupa in Kathmandu, today #supermoon #epaphotos

— Narendra Shrestha (@Narendraphoto) November 14, 2016

बादलमाथीको जुन हेर... :-)

— kiran nepal (@kirannepal) November 14, 2016

?Talking to the #supermoon in #HongKong ? #SuperLuna #supermoon2016

— dj croft™ (@itsDJCroft) November 14, 2016

#Supermoon @NepalPoliceHQ Martyrs' Monument

— Dr Rajib Subba (@DrRaaSu) November 14, 2016

This is what I saw in #Kathmandu skies:#Supermoon is in East, #Venus conspicuous in South-West, bit above in South is #Saturn #astrowatch

— [keshuvko] (@keshuvko) November 14, 2016

My grandmom worshipped the #supermoon as she worships the moon on each #purnima (full moon). #Nepal

— Utsav Shakya (@utsavshakya) November 14, 2016

#Supermoon seen from estern #Nepal having jundice;-)

— Jhapali youth (@JhapaliYouth) November 14, 2016

Supermoon seen from Baneshowr #Kathmandu #Nepal

— KRITIK RAWAL (@raja5kritik) November 14, 2016


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