Social security allowance distribution affected

Rajbiraj, December 27

Distribution of social security allowance has been affected in the absence of the chief administrative officer for the past three months in Rajbiraj Municipality, Saptari.

Chief administrative officer Chandra Bahadur Karki has yet to return to office after Dashain vacation.

Elderly citizens, Dalits, single women, the disabled and Dalit children, among others, have been deprived of the sate facility due to the absence of the chief administrative officer.

The victims complained they were supposed to receive their allowance a month ago.

Laxmi Lal Dev, 83, of Rajbiraj Municipality said he had often visited the municipality office to collect his allowance, but had to return empty-handed. The plight of many others is the same.

Starting this fiscal, social security allowance has yet to distributed to 4,200 persons.

Meanwhile, Information Officer Prafulla Kumar Shrestha of the municipality said allowance distribution had been affected due to absence of the officer concerned. “We will try to distribute the allowance within a week,” he added. He assured that the problem would be resolved soon.