Social security allowance embezzlement cases galore in Jajarkot

JAJARKOT: The social security allowance allocated to Majkot and Suwanauli VDCs in Jajarkot has been misused by VDC staff of late.

For the past one year, the VDC officials are embezzling the security funds for their personal works, rather than distributing it to the persons whom the allowance was meant for.

After the irregularities in the fund; single women, elderly people, Dalits, children and disable people have been deprived of their allowance.

According to Sushila Shahi of Majkot-6, she has been receiving only upto Rs 3,000 a year, that too after visiting the VDC office many times. She should have received Rs 6,000 a year.

Similarly, Asmita Nepali of Badkule in Majkot-8 informed that she always gets Rs 800 in the name of Dalit children fund. According to the concerned rules, a Dalit child should get Rs 2,400 a year.

Locals suspect that officials of other VDCs in the district might have involved in misappropriation.

The staff are also involved in making forged documents in the name of dead and migrated people to line their pockets.

Dal Bahadur Gharti, Chief of Social Security Section of the District Development Committee, also accepted irregularities.