Solar lights to be installed in all wards of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, September 18

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is planning to install solar lights in every ward of the city before Dashain. To ensure that the Valley is well-lit at night, the Government of Nepal has devised public participation-based Solar Street Light Programme’ to gradually replace the halogen, CFL and mercury-vapour lamps with an environment-friendly alternative.

According to KMC Spokesperson, Gyanendra Karki, KMC will install solar lights in all 35 wards. “The solar light installation project will conclude by October,” he said, adding, “Each ward of KMC requires solar light as criminal activities have been increasing due to darkness,” he said, adding, the locals too had been requesting for solar lights for the past few years.

As per the project, of the total budget, 60 per cent of the expenditure will be borne by the government of Nepal, 25 per cent by KMC and 15 per cent by consumers themselves.

“The total estimated cost of installing 1,800 solar lights is Rs 200, 00,000,” said Dr Uttar Regmi, chief of the Department of Urban Infrastructure Development, KMC.  He informed that the project was scheduled to be completed within September but due to the monsoon the work got delayed.

“The 40 watt solar lights will be lit the whole night,” said Regmi.  KMC is also planning to install solar lights in the core area of the city.