Solukhumbu man escapes death twice in 15 hrs

SOLUKHUMBHU: If anything is certain, then it is death. Everyone is sure to die eventually.

But, a man escaped death twice, that too within 15 hours.

The story is of Devan Singh Rai of Jubhing.

Some four months ago, he fell off a tree while collecting fodders. He fell unconscious after breaking both of his hands and a leg in the incident. Generally, people could die in such cases, but miraculously Rai survived.

And, the next morning, when he was being airlifted to Kathmandu for treatment, the helicopter crashed seconds after taking off. But, then also, Rai survived.

The engine of the helicopter caught fire and crashed. "Others ran, but I could not. I had lost hopes but the captain returned and I was saved," Rai recalled.

Rai said, "The incident still gives me jitters. To survive two life-threatening incidents in such a short time is intimidating."”

"I now value my life more than I did before," he said.

He had been receiving treatment in Kathmandu for the last four months.