Solve crisis: Rana

Birgunj, August 31:

The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has reiterated it is possible to solve the stalemate through cooperation between the King and parliamentary parties. RPP president Pashupati Rana has warned the nation could face a grave crisis if there was no such cooperation.

Addressing the RPP district level cadres in the Birgunj city hall today, Rana said, “The all-party government to be formed after the agreement between the King and the political parties will provide a way out to the present stalemate.” He expressed his concern over the growing distance between the King and the parliamentary parties after the royal move of February 1.

On the King’s remark he is ready to talk with parties, he expressed confidence it will help arrive at an accord between constitutional forces. “Walking alone will not help arrive at a solution. All constitutional forces should come together.” He laid emphasis solution should be sought from within multi-party democracy and on the need for restructure of the state organisation for complete development of the country.