SPA bars ‘tainted’ officials from office

Sarlahi, April 30:

The seven-party alliance, at the request of municipality employees, debarred elected representatives of local bodies to the office, this afternoon. They also burnt the nameplates of the representatives.

The move of the cadres of the seven-party alliance came after the municipality employees told them that the elected representatives held several official and unofficial meetings post-haste after the reinstatement of the House to pass decisions that would give them financial benefits.

In February 2006, the royal government had held a municipal election which was boycotted by the major political parties. Nameplates of mayor Prem Prasad Shrestha and deputy mayor Nawal Kishor Mali were torched and their offices padlocked, said UML Janakpur committee member Mohammed Rizwan Ansari. Sarlahi’s 17 area members including DDC chairman Surya Narayan Yadav and vice-chairman Arun Kumar Singh were also prevented from entering the DDC office, said president of the Janamorcha Nepal Sarlahi committee Achyutam Kafle. Stating that only essential work related to the general public would be handled by the office, president of the Nepal Civil Servants’ Association of Sarlahi, Azim Mansur said, “We have taken this step to stop financial irregularities by those concocting fake bills.”