SPA, Maoists blind to stir spirit: Thapa

Janakpurdham, Sept 10 :

Former prime minister and chairperson of Rastriya Janashakti Party, Surya Bahadur Thapa today said that the seven political parties and the Maoists while deciding on major political issues before a constituent assembly forgot the sentiment and mandate of the Jana Andolan.

Addressing the First Madheshi National Conference of the party in Janakpur today, Thapa blamed the seven parties and the Maoists for imposing their decisions on the people. “It is the people who should decide on major political issues through an election to a constituent assembly; if the people are not given the chance to decide major political issues, it will be a historical mistake,” said Thapa.

He accused the seven parties and the Maoists of looking after their respective self-interests and forgetting the major agenda.

Thapa said that the Maoists were establishing themselves as a strong force by creating terror and issuing threats. The presence of government is narrowing, he added. Thapa said that the Maoist army and its weapons should be kept under UN inspection in order to hold a free, fair and fearless election to the constituent assembly.

“All weapons should be removed from the villages to give people a sense of freedom and safety,” said Thapa, adding that the Maoist army should be centred in the cities to stop threatening people.

Neither peace talks nor an election to the constituent assembly can be held until Maoists stop threatening people, said Thapa. He also stressed the need for new and clear planning for the welfare of people of the Madheshis.

Meanwhile, a report from Jhapa said Nepali Congress general secretary KB Gurung today said there was no need for dispute over the issue of ceremonial kingship in the country’s present context.

Speaking at a press meet in Biratamod, Gurung said: “Disputes should not crop up on the issue of ceremonial kingship as the NC has clarified its stance on it during Jana Andolan II.”