Special attention will be paid for welfare of players: Minister KC

KATHMANDU: Minister for Youth and Sports, Rajendra Kumar KC, has said that he would take appropriate initiatives for the welfare of the players devoted to the nation.

Receiving congratulation from Nepal National and International Players Association, Minister KC said that special attention would be paid for the management of medal winning players by holding interaction with players and the government.

He further said that physical infrastructures would be developed in view of the South Asian Games (SAG) to be held in Nepal in 2019.

Saying reconstruction of physical structures damaged by earthquake could not be carried out due to lack of equipment, Minister KC said that discussion was underway in this regard.

Association Chairperson Deepak Shrestha said that sports sector could not be developed without proper physical infrastructures.

The Association drew the attention of Minister KC on the issues including arrangement of education, health, insurance and allowance to the players, and a separate policy for their management by categorizing medal winning players.

The Association also urged the Ministry to hold discussion regarding arrangement of identity cards to players to fit from local-level to international-level.