Speed up Narayangadh-Muglin road construction, says parliamentary panel

Kathmandu, June 27

The Development Committee of the Parliament today directed Bharatpur chief district office to form a monitoring committee to check work progress in the Narayangadh-Muglin road segment.

The panel also sought a report within 15 days suggesting safety measures.  It has directed the construction company to submit a report after finding alternatives to closing vehicular movement at night. The committee also directed contractors and consultants to focus more on speeding up the work. The committee also directed them to black-top the expanded parts of the road immediately.

“We also directed that ways be found to protect the road from frequent landslides, especially in the rainy season,” Chairman of the Development Committee Rabindra Adhikari told THT. He said he also told the construction party to keep some heavy equipment such as excavators on standby to remove the debris of landslide to ensure smooth highway traffic.

The road segment, which is being expanded, has repeatedly been obstructed by landslides.  This has obstructed thousands of passengers for the last few days, especially landslides in Tope Khola of Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality.

The House Panel team was itself stranded in the road segment for nearly three hours. A group of committee members led by Adhikari had gone today to observe the problems created by landslides in the Mugling-Narayangadh road section.

Lawmaker Guru Prasad Burlakoti, told this daily over phone that the slow pace of road expansion was the main problem. “I don’t think they can finish the road expansion by December”, he said. The road expansion project is supposed to be completed by the end of this year. The expansion contract was signed in April 2015 under a two-year contract, which was extended to December 2017.

According to Adhikari, the 2015 earthquake, fuel shortage and political instability are responsible for the delay in the construction work.