Squatters constructing houses in Dolakha

Dolakha, February 10

Squatters have started constructing houses on the land plots provided by Tamakoshi Rural Municipality in Dolakha.

With the initiative of the RMrural municipality, as many as 19 squatters are building houses.

The RM had provided land plots to 11 households last year and eight families received land for construction of houses this year. Four families, who live on the roadside at Bhirkot Kalidaha, have already completed the houses. They have constructed beautiful houses meeting the government criteria.

Rural municipality Chairman Ishwor Chandra Pokhrel said the landless people looked very happy after they constructed the houses on their own land.

“The local government has worked for us,” said Mangal Singh Tamang, a local. He added the local government was god for landless people. Similarly, the other squatters have also started constructing houses on the land provided by the rural municipality.

Chief Administrative Officer at the rural municipality Bigyan Raj Koirala said they aimed to declare the rural municipality squatter-free this year. He further informed that land ownership certificates would be distributed after identifying squatters in the rural municipality.

Meanwhile, the 6th municipal assembly meeting held yesterday decided to bring other plans and programmes to help people. He added that ‘My house clean house’ programme would be launched in the rural municipality soon.

The rural municipality has also decided to provide free medicines to patients of diabetes and high blood pressure.