Squatters’ issue tops NC candidates’ agenda in Morang

Biratnagar, November 6

Nepali Congress parliamentary candidates contesting from all six constituencies in Morang have adopted resolution of squatters’ problems as their top election agenda for the upcoming election in November 7.

Dig Bahadur Limbu, former lawmaker, now contesting from Constituency No 1 has said he was committed to address squatters’ problems. “As there are a number of people who have been living as squatters for years, I will do the needful to end their plight,” he said, adding that road upgradation, bridge construction and building dams to control erosion caused by rivers were major issues to be addressed in his constituency.

Minendra Rijal, who is running from Constituency No 2, shared similar agendas for the upcoming elections. “Yes, resolving squatters’ problem will be my top agenda. Besides, I will also pay attention to construction of roads and programmes that will help promote agriculture,” Rijal said, adding that he had plans to develop embankment along the Bakraha, Chisang and Das rivers to prevent further erosion of river banks.

Sunil Sharma, NC candidate from Constituency No 3, who resigned from his post of operator of Nobel Medical College to dabble in politics, has similar plans.

While Congress’ influential leader Mahesh Acharya is fighting from Constituency No 4, Amrit Aryal is running from Constituency No 5. BP Koirala’s nephew Dr Shekhar Koirala is running from Constituency No 6. They all identified resolution of squatters’ problems and construction of roads and embankments as the major election agendas.