Damauli, August 20

Services at District Post Office in Tanahun district have been adversely affected as  around a dozen positions of postman and halkara remain vacant here.

The District Post Office had hired a few employees on contract basis to handle and deliver mails to their destinations, but the service has proved most inefficient.

Of the total 33 positions for postman, five are permanent employees at work, while another 19 have been hired on contract basis. Similarly, against the total of 19 posts for halkaras, 12, who are at work, are permanent staff; while the five others were hired on contract-basis.

“Even after acquiring two dozen contract-based employees, nine posts of postman and two of halkara are still vacant, which has made it difficult to handle and deliver posts,” said Post Officer Dev Bahadur Thapa Saru.

The district has one post office, 14 area post offices and 37 additional post offices.