Internal Affairs and Law Minister of Karnali Province Sita Nepali has said her government will push the federal government to complete the remaining tasks of the peace process, particularly transitional justice.

Speaking at a virtual event organised by Media Advocacy Group in partnership with UN- DP's Parliamentary Support Programme today, Minister Nepali discussed the treatment package offered by Karnali Province government to conflict victims and asked the stakeholders to create conducive environment where issues of the disappeared, sexual violence, human rights violations and war crimes could be addressed.

Inquisitive stakeholders from different walks of life assembled at the event. Organisers reported that the event contributed to a colossal extent to updating the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Anita Bindu, president of MAG, opined that the work of TRC had been sluggish due to lack of political will.

Dila Datta Panta from UNDP urged the stakeholders to help expedite the process in a bid to serve justice to all the victims.

Advocate Govinda Bandi presented a paper at the event and highlighted that the truth and reconciliation process should actively seek truth and serve justice while putting women, children, victims living with disability, families of disappeared persons, and victims of sexual violence at the centre. He suggested that a wide political understanding be forged over the issue and asked the stakeholders to develop faith in the system.

Former member of Constitutional Assembly and senior advocate Ekraj Bhandari called for a political resolution to complete the process. He also explained how the armed conflict started and how it gradually brought unwilling citizens to its centre.

Victims' representatives such as Devi Sunuwar, Bimala Das, Tulasa Lata Amatya and Hemraj Bhatta demanded speedy action and restitution to the victims.

Humakala Pandey, Joint-secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs informed that the next National Action Plan was being developed and the ministry was planning to provide collective relief to conflict victims.

Babita Basnet, founder of the MAG said "The authorised entity should take needful measures in response to conflict-related cases reported at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which should not be restricted to paperwork."

A version of this article appears in the print on July 23 2021, of The Himalayan Times.