‘State boudaries should not ignore country’s geopolitics’

Dhangadhi, December 26

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Women and Children CP Mainali today said that the provincial boundaries should be drawn keeping in view the geopolitical situation of the country.

Speaking at a press meet organised in Dhangadhi, Minister Mainali said a high-level political mechanism should be formed to settle the dispute over provincial boundaries. “We should not draw provincial boundaries based on the whims of some leaders. New provinces should be formed keeping in view the nationality, sovereignty and security of the country,” he said.

Arguing that Nepal faces a growing risk due to increasing competition between India and China, Mainali said Nepal should always play a neutral role between the two neighbouring countries.

On federal model, Mainali argued that ethnic-federalism in Nepal was not possible due to the homogeneous nature of Nepali society.He, however, said that special areas could be allocated for marginalised and backward communities and groups.

Mainali also said that the government was ready to resolve the Tarai agitation through dialogue. “The crisis in Tarai is our internal problem and we are capable of settling it. India should not meddle in our internal affairs,” Mainali added. He also expressed hope that the blockade at border checkpoints would end soon. He remarked that Nepal’s failure to diversify trade had transit had led to the incumbent crisis.