Status-quoists trying to foil CA polls: Mahara

Kathmandu, June 22:

Minster for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara today said status-quoists are trying to scuttle the government’s plans to hold constituent assembly election.

“The status-quoists are trying to bring back regression and scuttle the constituent assembly election. It is only natural — one should not be afraid of it or get surprised by it,” he said, while addressing a programme to launch a biography of Prachanda, adding that it is the biggest and the most serious threat to this period of transition.

Mahara said that “democracy” and “nationality” are the two terms, often misquoted and misused in Nepali politics. “It is strange that most political leaders misuse these two terms

for their benefit. In the name of democracy, some want to be dependent on foreign forces , some who talk of nationality want to prove that the centre or nationality is the palace,” he said, adding that nobody is ready to accept foreign forces or palace as components of Nepal’s politics.

He added that the government and the people are working to have the polls of constituent assembly held in time. The book was authored by Ramesh Kumar Rauniya and Umesh Kumar Rauniyar.