‘Statute has failed to accommodate all’

Pokhara, December 31

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said the constitution had failed to accommodate concerns of all groups and communities.

Addressing a function organised by the Gurung community on the occasion of Lhosar in Pokhara, Dahal said Madhesi, Tharu and ethnic communities had been voicing their dissatisfaction with the constitution. “I am working hard to guarantee their rights by amending the constitution,” said Dahal.

Dahal said he had to make compromises during promulgation of the new constitution from the Constituent Assembly. “The constitution is a document of compromise. Now, it is everyone’s responsibility to implement it,” he said.

Dahal sought support from ethnic and indigenous communities to keep the country united.

Dahal said constitution amendment and conduct of elections at all three levels were crucial to implement the new statute. He expressed confidence that he would be able to forge consensus among parties for the same.

Stating that the government had only 14 months to hold all three levels of elections, the prime minister said his government would announce the dates and schedules of the polls soon.

He praised the ethnic communities for their contribution to the establishment of republicanism in the country. “Ethnic and indigenous people have made history and I am committed to ensuring their rights in the statute,” Dahal added.