Statute possible if we lead: Dr Bhattarai

PATNA: Unified CPN-Maoist Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai today said since Constituent Assembly was originally the demand of his party, they were sincere in bringing the peace process to a logical conclusion and writing the new constitution in time.

But other political parties were creating obstacles in that regard, he added. Taking to The Himalayan Times on the sidelines of Indo-Nepal conference here, Dr Baburam Bhattarai said that the twin goals of peace and constitution writing processes will not be achieved if the Maoists were not allowed to lead the government.

He said that only his party would ensure people's constitution which he said had been the guiding principles of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the interim constitution.

"All the peace documents —the 12- point documents, CPA and the Interim Constitution —talk about ending class, ethnic and gender exploitation and also the exploitation of marginalised sections. We can achieve this goal only when our party is given a chance to lead the government," he said, adding that the call for civilian supremacy was linked to peace process and constitution writing.

When asked to comment on the Maoists' anti-India campaign, Dr Bhattarai said those were the issues they had been raising during the time of Maoist insurgency and they were ready to talk with Indian authorities over those issues if needed.