Nepal | September 18, 2019

STD infection on the rise among Doti women

Tekendra Deuba

DIPAYAL: The Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN), Doti district chapter, organised a health camp this week with an objective to check if local women in Banjhkakani village of the district had uterine cancer. As many as 205 persons underwent the test, but fortunately none showed the positive result.

The camp, however, revealed a rather different fact: 60 per cent of the women visiting the camp had at least one kind of sexually transmitted disease (STD).

For the FPAN, the finding was not startling. “We have been organising such camps in the district since 2014,” FPAN Doti Manager Chet Raj Phulara said, “Nearly 40 per cent of women attending our camps have STDs.”

According to the FPAN data, total 295 women among 739 checked in 2014 and 2015 were diagnosed with the STDs.

“The level of awareness (about STDs) in the urban area is quite good,” Phulara said, “But, the problem in the rural area is very alarming.”

Meanwhile, the number of STD patients visiting the District Hospital is also increasing, informed Dr Amit Jha at the Hospital.

“It has been two years that I am here,” Dr Jha told THT Online, “But the number of women with STDs has noticeably increasing this year.”

Jha attributed the increase to lack of awareness, lack of hygienic behaviours and social stigma associated with the STDs.

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