Stench of animal carcasses makes life tough for locals

Biratnagar, August 20

Foul smell from decaying animal carcasses after the recent floods in parts of the Tarai region has affected life in squatter settlements on the river banks in Biratnagar Metropolitan City.

Locals living on the banks of Singhiyakhola complained that they were having a hard time due to stench coming from decaying animal carcasses in the metropolis.

A flooded Singhiyakhola one week ago had completely damaged human settlements in and around Paropakarghat at Biratnagar metropolis-1. The area is now full of stench of dead livestock.

“We somehow cook food shutting the doors of our houses but we cannot eat due to foul smell,” said local Gopimaya Pariyar. “Children have started vomiting due to stench,” Pariyar added.

Sabhyata Acharya, a sixth grader at nearby Pokhariya Secondary School, said she was spending her days on the roadside as she could not stay indoors due to the stench of animal carcasses. Biswo Chaudhary, another local complained that the metropolis had not shown any interest in dumping the carcasses, so far.

A cow killed in the flood has started decaying in front of Sunil Mandal’s house at Shreepur Tole in Biratnagar metropolis-1. Mandal, who was rendered homeless  in the recent flood, complained that it had been very difficult to live in the area.

Biratnagar metropolis-1 ward chair Uddaw Aryal said metropolis had sent a dozer to manage animal carcasses.

“We have sent a team in stench-affected areas. We are not sure if locals have benefited from the spray,” Aryal said.

Meanwhile, Biratnagar metropolis Mayor Bhim Parajuli said his office was working to manage the carcasses that could trigger an outbreak of cholera.