Dipayal, June 8 :

The People’s Movement Joint Investigation Committee has made public the names of 26 persons involved in suppressing the Jana Andolan in Doti.

Officials, including regional administrator Ganesh Serchan, chief of the Divisional Headquarters of the Army Rajendra Thapa, DIG Ramesh Kumar Shrestha, SP of the Investigation Department, Keshav Bahadur Singh, DSP Bashant Kumar Pant, and DDC president Lal Bahadur Khadka, figure in the list. Accusing the FNJ (Doti-Achham chapter) of not lending support to the movement, the investigation committee urged the FNJ central office to dissolve the present committee and form a new one.

The committee said the Development Communication Group (DCG-Doti) had “conspired against journalists, leaders, party cadres and spied in the name of journalists and wrote a letter to MS Nepal, an INGO, calling it not to assist the DCG.

The letter is undersigned by member of the CPN-UML Doti district committee, Mohan Bam, secretary of the Nepali Congress (Doti), Ram Prasad Upadhaya, secretary of the Doti Chapter of the Janamorcha, Raghu Nath Awasthi, and acting president of the NC (D), Padam Singh Bam.