Stolen bikes returned to owners in Sindhupalchok

MELAMCHI: The Area Police Office, Melamchi in Sindhupalchok district, on Sunday held a public hearing, during which stolen motorbikes were returned to the rightful owners.

The programme was held to draw complaints and seek advices from the public, said Inspector Niraj Dangi of Area Police Office, Melamchi.

On the occasion, SP Rabindra KC of the District Police Office (DPO) shared his contentment at receiving positive feedback from the public.

SP KC also handed over seven motorbikes stolen from Kathmandu and various other locations at different times to the rightful owners.

A local social worker, Siddhi Narayan Shrestha, praised the round-the-clock patrol service provided by the police, adding it has contributed in lessening the number of crimes including the incidents of robberies.

The police and the civilians are two sides of a same coin and criminal activities can be curtailed in partnership between these two, added Shrestha.

The programme was attended by local teachers, journalists, social workers, political party representatives, women's rights activists, students and members of the public.