Stolen gold chain excreted after 60 hours

Biratnagar, July 30

A youth from Itahari of Sunsari defecated a golden chain early today 60 hours after he had swallowed it.

Suraj Kumar Nepal, 31, of Itahari sub-metropolis had stolen the gold chain from Rathi Jewellery, Biratnagar. After they came to know that Nepal had swallowed the gold chain, police arrested and admitted him to Koshi Zonal Hospital, Biratnagar. Four police personnel were deployed to keep a close watch on Nepal at the hospital.

Hospital emergency in-charge Raghunandan Adhikari said Nepal had excreted the gold chain at 8:00 am today. After he defaecated the gold chain, Adhikari was discharged.

As per reports, Nepal had gone to Rathi Jewelry pretending to buy the gold chain. He swallowed the original gold chain and handed over the fake chain to the shop owner.  As he handed back the bogus gold chain, the shopkeeper called the police. Then, police arrested him, took him to the hospital and took x-rays. He was admitted to the hospital after the x-ray showed a gold chain in his abdomen.

Police have kept Nepal in custody and launched an investigation into the incident.