Bara, April 8

Storm victims at Bharbaliya of Kalaiya Sub-metropolis-18 are having a tough time since they lost their jobs and houses to the devastating storm of March 31.

Almost all males and females from the Dalit community of Bharbaliya were employed at the local ACC brick kiln. They lost their jobs after the industry was closed down due to the devastating storm, which also claimed lives of four Indian labourers working in the kiln. The Dalit community completely relied on the kiln.

“We were supporting our families by working in the local brick kiln,” said Raj Dev Mukhiya. He said the storm blew away their huts and rendered them jobless. “How are we to survive?” he wondered.

With the destruction of their houses, food grains, clothes and other household goods, victims are in a state of despair. Mukhiya said seven members of his family were sheltering in a makeshift tent. “We are living under constant fear that yet another storm may uproot our tent,” said Mukhiya.