Strategic cooperation agreement inked to advance SDGs

Kathmandu, December 8

A partnership agreement has signed between International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development and Radiant.Earth today for knowledge and technology transfer of earth observation in Kathmandu.

According to ICIMOD, under the agreement, the parties will establish and implement innovative earth observation and geospatial application services to support monitoring and assessment of climate change-related impacts in the Hindu Kush region, with a focus on  Sustainable Development Goals.

A large-scale audacious blueprint to ensure socio-economic progress globally without destructing the environment, these global actions are focused on ending poverty, addressing climate change, and combating inequality and injustice.

“Our strategic partnership with Radiant.Earth will augment our capacity to provide information services for monitoring and assessment of key concerns of regional significance,” said David Molden, director general of ICIMOD.

He said that achieving the SDGs involved dealing with complex challenges such as tackling climate change, coping with natural disasters, ensuring ecosystem services and improving the resilience of mountain communities.

Radiant.Earth’s Founder and CEO Anne Hale Miglarese said, “Climate change does not occur in a vacuum. It integrates with other global problems, which is why progressing action towards the SDGs is so important,” she said. She added that  partnership with organisations like ICIMOD is paramount to Radiant.Earth’s vision of open geospatial data for positive global impact.