Strike shuts down schools

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Relief Teachers’ Central Struggle Committee (NRTCSC) lived up to its threat, shutting down schools across the country today.

The NRTCSC had last week warned of a three-day educational strike to mount pressure on the government to act on a charter of demands it has submitted to the Ministry of Education. According to its plan, it will enforce the bandh on February 7, 8 and 9. Over 1,500 high schools and 400,000 students were hit on the first day of the strike.

NRTCSC president Surendra Gautam said the closure came in the wake of the government’s failure to fulfill our genuine demands.

“We had to resort to the closure of schools as the government paid no heed to our concerns. Had the government lent its ear, we would have called off the strike,” he said, defending their belligerent mood.