Stuck travellers to be sent to respective districts

Dhangadi, March 24

The federal government has directed the local administrations to escort people held up at Gauriphanta and Gaddachauki entry points of Kailali and Kanchanpur districts to their respective districts.

A large number of Nepalis returning home have been stranded at those entry points on the Nepal-India border since last evening. The nationwide week-long nationwide lockdown has prevented them from entering the country. The travellers chanted slogans demanding that they be allowed to go home.

According to Chief District Officer Yagyaraj Bohara, preparations are under way to send the people to their destinations.

“As of now, we’re collecting details of those who have been held up at the entry point. Once we’re through that process, they’ll be sent to their respective districts,” said the CDO.

According to sources, the returnees will be kept in quarantine in their own district or local bodies, and the provincial government will provide budget for the same.

It is estimated that around 1,000 Nepalis wishing to return home have been stranded at the two entry points from last evening.