Students leave villages to avoid abduction

Himalayan News Service

Dipayal, June 26:

At least 17 students from remote villages in Doti arrived at the district headquarters today after running away from their schools out of the fear of Maoist abduction. Six students of Lana Kedareshwor Secondary School, upon arrival here, said they have escaped through the windows after Maoists entered the classroom on Thursday and asked them to participate in a months-long Maoist march. After one and a half days of walk they have reached the district headquarters, they said requesting anonymity. Likewise, 11 students of three schools at Gadhsera, Khatyadi and Ghangal areas have also arrived at the district headquarters to avoid Maoist abduction.

"No one is here to support us. We might have to go to India for work," one of the desperate students said. One of the student said the Maoists have been holding months-long marches in rural areas for the last three months and they have made it mandatory for at least three villagers from a village and one student from each school to attend their programme. The students said the Maoists had already taken over 300 students for a three-month-long march.