Students should elect varsity chancellors: ANNISU-R chief

Pokhara, May 18:

Central chairman of All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R), Lekh Nath Neupane, today said students should elect university chancellor.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the ANNISU-R central committee here, Neupane said Nepal’s education policy wouldn’t be practical until a specific person remains in the post of a Chancellor. At present the King holds the post of the Chancellor in some universities.

He demanded appointment of persons elected by students as chancellors at the Tribhuvan and the Mahendra Sanskrit universities. He also urged for a change in the education policy. “There are two different education systems in Nepal and this has widened the gap between the students of the country,” he said, stressing timely reforms in the education policy in the new constitution.

In a separate context, Neupane said the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) wouldn’t stay inside some barracks or camps living off the rations dropped off by helicopters.”

“The members of the PLA are political activists and therefore, they will be mobilised to create political awareness among people,” he said. Protesting the continuation of the House of Representatives, Neupane said his party would welcome positive changes brought in by the HoR.

We wanted to go for a constituent assembly without reinstatement of parliament, but we must welcome the positive works the HoR does, he said.

Refuting claims that Maoists were collecting donations forcefully, Neupane said voluntary donations would be accepted any time. He also said that action would be taken against anyone who is found to be collecting donation forcefully.