Stung by criticism, dowry seeker, family leave Khandbari

Sankhuwasabha, May 7:

Basant Kumar Chapagain of Khandbari-10 in Sankhuwasabha district and his parents Ganesh Chapagain and Januka Devi, who faced public humiliation after he demanded

hi-tech household gadgets, a motorcycle and a computer from his bride of three days and sent her packing home, moved off lock, stock and barrel to Biratnagar of Morang

district after the pill of constant social criticism proved too bitter for them to swallow.

Ten days ago, Basant and his parents mistreated bride Babita Pokhrel of Jharithunka in Khandbari 3 for not bringing enough dowry to sate their greed. Basant sent Babita back to her parents’ home.

The affair took an aggressive turn after neighbours got together and held a meeting to decide what should be done. Basant was fined Rs 1.5 lakh and told to return all the things that Babita’s parents had given him. To add insult to injury, he also had to publicly fall at Babita’s feet and plead for forgiveness.

A neighbour, Yograj Gaunle, told this daily that the Chapagains claimed they were going to Biratnagar to attend the wedding of Basant’s sister Sharda. Gaunle added that Basant had not only left his home, but also abandoned his +2 exams.