Suicides on rise in Kapilvastu

Kapilvastu, September 12 :

Suicide cases are on the rise in Kapilvastu district, the District Police Office said, adding that, on an average, one person kills self in a week.

However, three persons committed suicide last week. Twenty-four persons committed suicide in five months this year, Prem Poudel, a police inspector, said, adding that 28 persons had committed suicide last year.

While 17 persons committed suicide by consuming poison, seven hanged themselves to death. People committing suicide range from a 15-year-old girl to a 66-year-old. Anju Mishra (15), an eight-grader student of Tilaurakot VDC-7, killed herself by consuming poison on September 2.

Jhulari Tharu (66) of Jayanagar VDC-6 consumed poison on last Sunday.