Sujata Koirala for second generation leading Nepali Congress

ARGHAKHANCHI: Nepali Congress central member Sujata Koirala on Sunday said second generation leaders should take over the party’s reign in order to advance the party on a new footing.

Stating that problems were seen in the Nepali Congress due to disagreement on power sharing among the top leaders, Koirala stressed on the need for younger generation's leadership to drive the party as a single entity.

She was of the opinion that Nepali Congress lagged behind due to the notion of sharing positions in 60:40 between the party establishment and the Deuba faction. It is also the reason behind the failure to hold sister organisations conventions, she said.

Speaking to party cadres at the BP Memorial Building at Sandikharka, leader Koirala said she was yet to decide on the post she would be contesting in the upcoming General Convention. She pledged to announce her candidacy during a meeting with the party cadres.