Sujata still bats for baby king

Pokhara, September 6:

Central member of the Nepali Congress Sujata Koirala today said her party would never opt for a republican set-up.

Koirala, who arrived here from Kathmandu, told the press: “Nepali Congress cannot embrace the principles followed by the Maoists. It will go to the CA polls while pursuing a democratic system.”

The NC would not adopt a republican set-up, but maintain BP Koirala’s national reconciliation policy, follow the traditional party line and stabilise the democratic system, she said. She claimed that the majority of the party members stand for a democratic system, not a republican one.

She urged all members scheduled to attend the party’s general convention to go for a democratic system. Saying that democracy should have a place for everyone, she said even the king should have space in it. She said that even if king Gyanendra and prince Paras are to be dropped for the purpose of stabilising the multi-party democratic system, prince Hridayendra should take their place as the constitutional king.