Sunsari villages in the grip of viral fever, diarrhoea

Itahari, April 30:

The growing heat has resulted in an outbreak of viral fever and diarrhoea

in Sunsari district. The number of viral fever and diarrhoea patients coming to health posts in the district’s rural areas is rising by the day.

Health workers said hundreds of patients are pouring in at the Inaruwa-based district hospital, health posts and private clinics all over the district. Staffers at the emergency ward of the Inaruwa hospital said at an average 12 viral fever and diarrhoea patients come there everyday. Young boys and girls are more affected, they added.

Staffers at the Itahari primary health centre said 10 viral fever and diarrhoea patients visit the centre on average daily. Sole doctor at the centre Lochan Subedi is away on leave and the patients are not getting proper treatment, said staffers, adding that the district public health office had not taken any initiative to control the epidemic.

Lunakarandas-Gangadevi Chaudhary Charitable Hospital in Duhabi is also crammed with viral fever and diarrhoea patients. Dr Mahesh Chauhan at the hospital said on an average 15 patients visit the hospital daily. “The number of those suffering from eye irritation and allergies has also shot up,” he said.

Dr Chauhan said every year viral fever and diarrhoea epidemic breaks out from mid-May. The epidemic peaks around the time of the first monsoon shower. He added that the outbreak of the epidemic so early was a bad sign.

People in Prakashpur, Madhuban, Kushaha, Bhutaha, Laukahi, Bhokraha, Harinaga, Basantpur, Harshahi and Saterojhoda areas of Sunsari are affected by viral fever and diarrhoea. A staffer at the district public health office said office chief Ramdhan Meheta was away in Biratnagar and added that he had no knowledge of the outbreak.