Supply rackets swindling hospital

Rautahat, June 1

Suppliers in Rautahat have submitted an unusual price list of various ration items, medical drugs and warm bags meant for new mothers and babies in a tender bid of the District Hospital of late.

The health facility had issued a tender for suppliers to supply various ration items, medicine and warm bags meant for newly mothers and newborns a month ago. The suppliers have submitted the confidential bidding quoting at least 70 to 96 per cent less than the authority’s expected price, which is hard to believe.

Unlike the hospital’s estimated budget of Rs 172,090, Aman Suppliers Gaur, one bidder out of 10, has registered very negligible amount of Rs 67,977 only. Though it is the lowest bidder, the administration is puzzled as to whether the bid should be awarded to the supplier. Hence, the administration has written to the concerned authority for final approval.

Aman Supplier, which comes in the top priority, has bid that it will supply wheat flour for 1 paisa a kg, mustard oil Rs 5 per litre, green vegetables and potato at Rs two per kg each. Similarly, it has mentioned that it will supply mansuli rice at Rs 5 per kg, lettuce at Rs 12 per kg and per cylinder LP gas for Rs 12, which is an incredible price list.

Similarly, Gautam Pharmacy has vowed to supply aspirin, which costs Rs 1.5 per piece, for 1 paisa. The same pharmacy has also said it will supply bruffen 200mg for 9 paisa, cetamol 500 mg for 19 paisa and cetrigen for Rs 95 paisa.

“It is indeed laughable that the suppliers have registered the bid committing to supply life-saving drugs and food items at exceptionally low prices. We can easily anticipate the quality of medicine a pharmacy will sell if it supplies a drug for 19 paisa, which normally cost Rs 1.50,” said a hospital staff.

The health facility had opened the tender for supply of medical drugs worth around Rs 4 million. But Gautam Pharmacy has submitted a tender vowing to supply drugs for Rs 126,720 only.

It his learnt that the suppliers were bidding at a negligibly low price just to get the bid in their favour now, but they wouldn’t supply at the same price later.

Similarly, Sah Surgical has submitted a bid stating it will provide the warm bag meant for new mothers and newborns for as much as half the estimated cost of the administration.

The bag, which contains different clothes for both the mother and the baby, costs Rs 600 in the market, but Sah Sugical has written it will supply the bags for Rs 385 a piece.

Nageshwor Prasad Jayaswal, district public health officer and acting chief of District Hospital, said that as the price list in all the three bids were exceptionally low, he sent it to the concerned ministry for the further processing.

“The suppliers submitted the bids at unusually low costs with the ill-intention of not supplying the items but getting their bills approved in collusion with the hospital staff.

They must be compelled to supply all the items at once, if they can’t supply, they must be penalised,” demanded Sabin Sah of Gaur.