Supporters of Rabi Lamichhane clash with police in Chitwan

CHITWAN: As many as seven police personnel were injured in a clash with the supporters of journalist Rabi Lamichhane in Chitwan district on Friday.

Police fired ten rounds of tear gas to disperse the protesters -- who staged demonstrations in front of the District Police Office demanding Lamichhane's immediate release this evening -- to take the situation under control in the area.

Earlier, journalist Shalikram Pudasaini, associated with Mountain Television, was found hanging from a ceiling fan at a local hotel in Chitwan district, on August 06.

A video footage recorded by Pudasaini on his mobile phone — which was made public by an online news portal — accuses Lamichhane, Kandel and Karki for his death.

Police had arrested Lamichhane, Yuvaraj Kandel and Asmita Karki in connection to the death of journalist Shalikram Pudasaini, which appeared to be a suicide.