Suppression of protests condemned

Kathmandu, April 10:

Around a dozen human rights activists and lawyers, in a joint press release, today flayed the government for acting autocratically and imposing curfew.

The lawyers and rights activists accused Home Minister Kamal Thapa of attempting to suppress the peaceful movement on the pretext of controlling Maoist infiltration.

“What the government is doing is inhumane and autocratic,” the statement issued by 12 human rights activists said.

Meanwhile, another group of rights activists urged the government to provide adequate compensation to the families of those killed by security forces during agitation. They urged the government to start talks with political parties. They urged for election to the constituent assembly and the formation of an all-party government to resolve the crisis.

Similarly, the Nepal University Teachers’ Association today condemned the government for curtailing citizens’ fundamental rights by imposing curfew and prohibitory orders in different parts of the country.

Likewise, the Nepal Magar students Association today condemned the imposition of curfew, killings, suppression and arrests of protesters and demanded a probe into all such incidents. It also demanded the withdrawal of curfew and release of all detainees including its president Bhoj Bikram Budha Magar. The Democratic Confederation of the Nepalese Trade Union (DECONT) also demanded the immediate release of all detainees and medical treatment of those injured during the mass movement.