Pandey, Burlakoti in fray in Chitwan-1

Chitwan, November 29

Chitwan Constituency No 1 awaits an interesting election race between democratic and left candidates in the second round of parliamentary election this December, as the left alliance parliamentary candidate and former minister Surendra Pandey from the UML and Nepali Congress’ Rajendra Burlakoti from the democratic alliance vie for the parliamentary seat here.

Both candidates are busy canvassing and presenting their agenda to the public. Pandey’s agenda covers areas such as tourism and road construction. He has offered to develop Sauraha Lothar as a tourism track, construct hospitals and launch irrigation and drinking water projects.

Burlakoti has pledged to focus on tourism, besides development projects for the backward Chepang community and road and hospital construction.

A total of 13 persons, including three independents, have thrown their hats in the ring from Constituency No 1, which has a total of 119,998 voters.

If the past election result is anything to go by, CPN and CPN-MC are in better position than Nepali Congress. In terms of votes secured by ward chair candidates, the left alliance candidates garnered 44,674 votes, while the democratic alliance secured 32,110 votes.