Sushil Koirala rules out action against Prez

BANKE: Nepali Congress acting president Shushil Koirala said that the party would not welcome any proposal against President Dr Ram Baran Yadav. He said so at a press meeting organised by Nepal Press Union Banke in Nepalgunj today.

The NC leader, who has announced his candidacy for the post of NC party president, stressed that NC would strongly retaliate any such action against the President. "Any proposals brought against the President and amendment of interim constitution will be rejected by our party," Koirala said, adding, any type of agreements with the Maoists would be void if such proposal was to come up.

Koirala further stated that the Maoists' conspiracy of capturing state power was more than clear after the President's move. He went further and gave a no-no to the much hyped sankalpa prastav.

Koirala also talked of flexibility that NC had shown in bringing the Maoists from the battle fields to mainstream politics. The NC leader, however, said that it was imperative that the Maoists join the government in order to draft the constitution. “But the Maoists have to be more responsible and join the government,” he said. He, however, cautioned that the Maoists should not be given the lead.

"If the Maoists have democratic norms and seek welfare of the nation and its people, they should co-operate with the incumbent government," he added.

Koirala further said that democratic culture was inherent in his party and hope that upcoming 12th general convention would give a new leadership to the party.