Suspected Maoists loot cash, gold

Pokhara, August 19:

An unidentified gang looted property worth Rs 1.5 lakh from a house in Lekhanath municipality, last night. The group, describing itself as Maoists looted the house on pretext of hiding weapons there. The gang looted about 10 tolas of gold and 40,000 rupees after overpowering the family, said house-owner Bal Bahadur Shrestha. The gang had the run of the house for a whole hour just as the inmates were sitting down to their meal. One of the robbers had a mask on his face, said a neighbour, Ratna Kumar Manandhar. The Area Police Office is two kilometres from the robbed home. “We informed the police but they failed to nab the robbers, “said Manandhar. Locals searched for the robbers on Friday morning in vain. The Area police Office said, “We got late information. The weather was also unfavourable. Security troops had gone to another areas in the course of patrolling so we failed to reach there on time.”