Swollen rivers wreak havoc in Kapilvastu, villagers in peril

Kapilvastu, August 18:

People of four villages in Kapilvastu district have been spending sleepless nights fearing floods in Banganga and Sotawa rivers.

Floods in Banganga and Sotawa rivers have been affecting people of Kajarahawa and Sigrahawa villages in Kajarahawa VDC and Hardauna and Karailiya villages of Hardauna VDC. Though embankments were constructed three years ago, the rivers have swept them away leaving the villagers in peril.

Bhagaut Yadav of Hardauna village said villagers have stopped sleeping during nights after the embankments were swept away.

“Our village is surrounded by Banganga and Sotawa rivers from all sides. Fearing floods, even our children stay awake at night,” he added.

People of these villages have demanded that they be resettled in safe areas.

“In the lack of embankments, floods have begun damaging the Maharajgunj-Hardauna road section. More villages will be inundated if the road is swept away,” Hardauna VDC secretary Ram Lakhan Harijan said.

Meanwhile, humanitarian organisations like Indreni and Red Cross are training villagers to cope with floods and inundation.

CDO Ram Bilas Raya, officials of District Development Committee, police and health officials have promised to build embankments to save the villages.