Talks with UDMF representatives likely today

Kathmandu, October 5

The four-member talks team formed by the Untied Democratic Madhesi Front was all prepared to hold talks with the three-member talks team formed by the three major parties but the talks between the two sides could not take place today.

According to UDMF talks team member Manish Kumar Suman, both sides could sit for talks tomorrow. Suman said the UDMF talks team compared the new constitution with the Interim Constitution and found that there were more than 50 clauses in the new constitution that they could seek amendment to.

Suman said the major flaw that the constitution had was that it did not recoginse Madhes movement and did not address Madhesis’ concerns in the demarcation of the provinces’ boundaries.

Suman said the citizenship clause should match the provision of the Interim Constitution, which did not discriminate between the categories of the citizenship in terms of opportunities.

He added that the government talks team members phoned them and said they would hold talks tomorrow.