Tanahun on high alert after swine flu death

Damauli, January 18

Authorities in Tanahun are on high alert following the recent death of a man due to swine flu.

According to district health office focal person Aishworyachandra Bhattarai, the step-up has followed confirmation of the death of Yusuf Miyan, 41, of Byas municipality due to swine flu. He had died in the course of treatment at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu two days ago.

On his part, Public Health Officer Durga Datta Chapagain informed about the support the concerned department has extended to stem a possible outbreak here.

“We’ve received 500 capsules of Tamiflu, as many masks and other necessary items from the Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control, Kathmandu,” said Dr Pawanjung Rayamajhi, chief of the District Health Office.

In view of the prospects of the disease spreading to others, a meeting of the rapid response team held today urged the people suffering from symptoms such as high fever, common cold and cough, joint pain and respiratory problems to immediately report to the nearest health facility.

The office has also told people to be careful not to contract the disease by adopting precautions while sneezing, using others’ belongings and shaking hands. Dr Rayamajhi informed that his office was preparing to dispatch teams to various places to collect samples of the spittle of the patients in question.