Teachers bemoan unfair means in SLC exam

NEPALGUNJ: School teachers in Banke today expressed their concerns over recent increase in irregularities, unruly behaviour and unlawful activities during the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examination.

In the Disciplined SLC Interaction Programme organised by All Nepal National Teachers’ Union in Nepalgunj, teachers expressed their worry over the SLC examination getting undisciplined over the last one decade.

Badri Dhakal, chairman, Relief Teacher Struggle Committee questioned, “How can we hold an examination in a disciplined and peaceful manner when teachers, parents and school administration are involved in helping students pass through false means.”

Meanwhile, Jit Bahadur Barma, central member of the Democratic Teachers’ Union admitted that he himself had been involved in the unethical practice of helping students cheat through various means. “Teachers, district education officers, parents, political parties, are encouraging students to practice cheating and unfair means,” he disclosed.

Former superintendent of a SLC exam centre, Iswor Poudel, said that the government should be serious about the issue. He shared his bitter experience and said that he was threatened for life by cadres of political parties and others for trying to conduct the exam fairly.

In the programme, Devram Bali, principal, Sukra Secondary School, Sitapur, claimed that growing incidents of indiscipline and malpractice during the SLC examination could be halted if the teachers worked honestly.

District Education Officer Daman Sing Chaudhari stated that commercialisation of education was the culprit behind escalating unfair practices during SLC exam.