‘Teachers using unions for their vested interest’

Hetauda, December 3

Province 3 Chief Minister Dormani Poudel today accused teachers, who belong to teachers unions aligned to various political parties, of shirking their responsibility.

Speaking at a workshop organised by High-Level National Education Commission in Hetauda to  collect suggestions, CM Poudel said teachers had refused to go to deputed schools using the political influence.

“Teachers’ unions were formed for the welfare of teachers and to protect their rights. But, teachers are using them to fulfil their vested interest,” he stated.

Some schools have more than required quota of teachers, while others don’t have any teacher.

CM Poudel advised teachers to maintain the sanctity of their profession. “Teachers have become self-centered and this has not helped to make education better,” he added.

Poudel urged teachers not to forget their responsibility. “It is a fault to blame the government for everything,” he added.

Poudel said the federal, provincial and local governments should be clear about the education policies that they would be formulating. He also said the government had already declared that one technical school would be established in one local level.