Team in proposed camp sites

UN expert says Dahaban in Rolpa suitable for cantonment

Rolpa/Palpa, November 13:

A joint team of the government, Maoists and the United Nations today inspected Rolpa’s Nuwagaun and Palpa’s Devinagar areas, which have been proposed by the Maoists as cantonment sites for their People’s Liberation Army.

In Rolpa, the team spent an hour at Nuwagaun-2, Dahaban, the spot proposed as the main cantonment site for the Maoist army’s fifth division.

“Dahaban is a suitable place for setting up the camp,” United Nations military expert Jan Eric Wilhemson said after the inspection.

A member of the team and Minister of State for Labour and Transport Management Ramesh Lekhak said the final decision on the site would be made after a tripartite meeting.

“Basic infrastructure is necessary for setting up the cantonment site,” Lekhak said, adding: “We will discuss the matter at the tripartite meeting and a final decision will be made after that.”

Deputy commander of the People’s Liberation Army’s fifth division Nanda Kishor Pun (Pasang) said Dahaban was chosen for its suitability for the cantonment.

Division commander Sharad suggested the team set up sub-camps in Rolpa’s Tila, Koilakhani, bordering Dang district, and Unga in Masina village development committee.

United Nations security expert Wilhemson was briefed about communications, transportation system, drinking water availability, power supply, transportation during rainy season and distances between the main cantonment and sub-cantonment sites.

Sharad said the main cantonment site can accommodate 2,500 PLA soldiers.

Another deputy commander Janardan Sharma (Prabhakar), who was also with the team, said the sites for the seven main cantonments and 21 temporary camps will be chosen by tomorrow.

The team also inspected Chirtung area in Palpa’s Devinagar-8, which has been proposed by the Maoists as the the main cantonment site, a report from Palpa said.

Lekhak said a decision would soon be taken on turning the Chirtung into the main cantonment site.

Some 1,500 soldiers of the Maoist army will be kept there, said Prabhakar.

Arghakhanchi’s Tingire, Jhingamara in Palpa’s Kachal and Tanahun’s Bandipur area have beeen proposed as sub-cantonment sites, he said.